Shoseiryutou, hay fever, why do we have a runny nose?

As many of you know, this is a typical method of hay fever in medicine.

It is getting cooler and cooler, and there are hay fever cases in Maki.

I would like to talk about medicine and why allergic runny nose occurs.

There are various kinds of allergies, but today I would like to talk about allergic rhinitis and hay fever.

The nose is a respiratory organ, as you all know, of course.

The nose is an excellent respiratory organ, along with the mouth.

Especially in winter, dry, cold winds or winds containing viruses and bacteria come in.

If you inhale through the mouth, it is not good because it directly hits the tonsils or enters the lungs. Through the nose, the lining of the nose is moist and warm. The mucous membranes, immune system, and nasal hairs are all needed to keep viruses, bacteria, and foreign substances from entering the body. This is to prevent viruses, bacteria, and foreign substances from sticking to the mucous membranes, immune system, and nose hairs and entering the body. In other words, it is a humidifier and air purifier.

So you have to use your nose. Recently, the number of mouth breathers is increasing. Many people consult with us about atopic dermatitis, but many of them are mouth breathers.

So it is important to be conscious of this and start by correcting it.

Western medicine's allergy treatment is medicine to suppress allergies, but what causes allergies is the allergen.

That is what we check for with a patch test. So, for example, if you are allergic to cedar or ragweed, you would be tested.

However, there are an infinite number of allergens on the earth.

Therefore, there is no end to the number of substances that can be studied and avoided one by one.

Western medicine attacks the cause of the problem by finding the cause. The same is true of antibiotics.

medicine, on the other hand, tries to cure the body. There may be various causes, but it is a harmonious act of adjusting the body to see if there are any problems in the body that can receive them.

In medicine, we also consider hay fever to be a problem for the body. So this is a guideline for what kind of person has the constitution to take this Shoseiryuto.

I always say that you have to think about what kind of person you are using medicine for.

The guideline for this is this watery runny nose, which means that the body is cold.

Well, those with good intuition may have figured it out by now, but as I have said many times before, this is "Suidoku".

So, if you have excess water in your body, your body will react in this way, which is to produce water. This is what is considered hay fever in medicine.

Allergic rhinitis.

So the body's reaction is to produce water. So it's not a bad thing. Rather, it means that you are taking in too much water.

It means that your body is getting cold. It is a reaction to cure that.

So this Shoseiryutou, like Kuzuneitou, contains herbal medicines that warm the body, such as Maou and Keihi, which warm the body and improve water metabolism.

Therefore, it warms up the body, improves water metabolism, and eliminates Suidoku.

Therefore, we should not rely only on Shoseiryuto, but we also need to consider whether we are taking too much water and whether we are cooling our body, and we need to take care of our health. This can also be said about hay fever.

*Since it is translated by the author of the article, it may differ from what is said in the video.

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Effects and indications Bronchitis, bronchial asthma, runny nose, cough with watery sputum, rhinitis

Dosage and Administration The following dosage should be taken three times a day before or between meals with water or white water.
Age Amount per dose Number of times taken per day
Adult (15 years old and over) 1 package 3 times
Under 15 years old and over 7 years old 2/3 package
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**Precautions related to dosage and administration
When administered to children, it should be taken under the guidance and supervision of a parent or guardian.

Ingredients and dosage The following ingredients are contained in a daily dosage of 3 packages (2.0g per package) for adults.
Xiaoqinglongtang extract powder: 5200mg
(Extracted from 3.0g each of mallow, peony, canker, camphor, silkwort, saixin, and gomishi, and 6.0g of hange)
Contains hydroxypropyl cellulose, lactose, and polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene glycol as additives.

**Precautions related to ingredients**.
The color of the granules may vary slightly due to the use of extracts of natural products (crude drugs).


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