A doctor introduces herbal remedies for symptoms of male menopause

Lack of motivation, difficulty, may be male menopause⁉︎
Doctor recommend herbal remedies for each type of menopause

With age, testosterone declines. It is known that men can also experience menopausal symptoms at that time.

As with the treatment of menopausal symptoms in women, lifestyle modification is recommended.

However, if there is still no improvement, medical treatment is necessary. Specifically, Western medical treatment for men includes testosterone replacement, in the same way that female hormones are replaced during the female menopause.

In Japan, injections are covered by insurance. Another method of treatment is the use of herbal medicine. 

Today, I would like to talk about such herbal medicine.

Male Menopause Helps! Explanation of recommended herbal medicine

In medicine, male menopause is considered to be a state of "kidney deficiency" in which the reproductive function has declined. This is accompanied by a deficiency of qi, the source of ecological energy.

Also, aging causes "Oketsu", which is a condition in which the circulation of blood becomes sluggish.

At the same time, "Suidoku" occurs due to benign prostatic hyperplasia and decreased bladder function, symptoms of which become more apparent with age.

As the name implies, Suidoku is a condition in which the water in the body cannot be properly drained out. This causes a variety of problems.

In addition, due to a decline in basic physical strength, the digestive and absorptive systems, immune system, and mental activity all decline, resulting in a "spleen deficiency. In other words, the circulation of Qi, blood, and water is impaired, and the digestive system is also weakened, resulting in a variety of disorders.

Male Menopause from a Herbal Medicine Perspective

To briefly review the conditions of male menopause, we can say that the following conditions occur: "Jinkyo" or decreased reproductive function, "Oketsu" or stagnation of blood flow, "Suidoku" or water retention, and "Hikyo" or decreased mental activity and physical strength.

Herbal Medicines for Menopausal "Spleen Deficiency" Type

For "Hikyo" type of fatigue and low energy, Hochuwei Kitto is used. Hochueyekitou is suitable when mental depression and qi deficiency are added to physical weakness. It is also suited for digestive symptoms and a constitution with drooping internal organs.

Is it right for you?

It is difficult to know, so if you are concerned about this, you should visit a clinic for consultation. herbal medicine is often used in the treatment of female menopause, but it can be expected to be effective in the same way for male menopause.

If you are concerned about your symptoms, it is a good idea to use herbal medicine as an option.

*Since it is translated by the author of the article, it may differ from what is said in the video.

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Dose-related precautions
Precautions related to dosage and administration
When administered to children, it should be taken under the guidance and supervision of a parent or guardian.

Precautions related to ingredients

The color of the tablets may vary slightly due to the use of natural extracts.

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