What happens to your body when you take a daily probiotics?

Comical Explanation

Reimu: "Ugh, my stomach hurts" 

Marisa: "Reimu, you seem to have a very bad stomach these days"

Reimu: "That's right, ...... Maybe that's why we've been feeling sick lately......" 

Marisa: "That's serious.  Are you taking any probiotics?"

Reimu: "Is probiotics ...... medicine? It seems ...... dangerous to use such medicines on a regular basis, doesn't it?" 

Marisa: "You think so? Then, this time, I will explain the benefits of probiotics and what will happen if you keep taking them"

Reimu: "Please"

Marisa: "Then, please take your time until the end this time too" 

Efficacy of Probiotics

Reimu: "What is a bowel regulator? I know that it is a medicine that regulates the intestines. I can sort of understand it from the words, but how does it regulate the intestines?"

Marisa: "Yes, let's start by explaining what a bowel regulator is"

Reimu: "Okay!

1. Improvement of diarrhea and constipation

Marisa: "The first is to improve diarrhea and constipation"

Reimu: "Can both diarrhea and constipation be improved?" Diarrhea and constipation seem to be opposites"

Marisa: "Actually, diarrhea and constipation have different symptoms, but they are caused by the same thing: an imbalance in the intestinal environment. Because intestinal regulators have the effect of adjusting the intestinal environment, both can be improved"

Reimu: "I see what you mean! So you're saying that a probiotics has the same efficacy as a laxative?"

Marisa: "No. A probiotics is different from a laxative. Laxatives stimulate the intestines and promote bowel movement. While most laxatives stimulate the intestines and promote bowel movement, probiotics regulators regulate the intestinal environment laxatives stimulate the intestines to promote bowel movements, whereas bowel regulators regulate the intestinal environment and lead to bowel movements that are closer to natural"

Reimu: "Wow, there is such a difference!"

2. Improvement of abdominal distension

Marisa: "Also helps with bloating."

Reimu: "Bloating? What is that?"

Marisa: "Bloating is a painful condition caused by a buildup of gas in the intestines. It is caused by an excessive amount of gas that is not properly expelled"

Reimu: "Really, how can there be excessive gas?"

Marisa: "Excessive gas is caused by eating too many fiber-rich foods or by a disorder in the balance of intestinal bacteria" 

Reimu: "Hmmm..."

Marisa: "When we sit in the same posture for a long time or when the movement of the stomach and intestines is decreased due to stress, etc., it is difficult to expel gas properly"

Marisa: "When the stomach is not able to expel the waste properly, it accumulates in the abdomen"

Reimu: "I see. ...... Dietary fiber is good for the stomach and intestines. But if the gas generated by overeating is not properly expelled, it can lead to abdominal bloating"

3. Improved immunity

Marisa: "Yes, and furthermore, intestinal preparations can also improve immunity"

Reimu: "What is immunity?"

Marisa: "Simply put, it is the power to protect the body from disease" If this is lowered, you are more susceptible to various diseases"

Reimu: "Really? So the intestinal medicine also boosts the immune system! But why is this medicine for the intestines?"

Marisa: "There are immune cells called intestinal immune system in the intestines" About 70% of immune cells are concentrated in the intestines"

Reimu: "Really? I didn't know that! "

Marisa: "By taking intestinal antiflatulents, lactobacilli reach the small intestine and push the switch for activation of many immune cells in the small intestine. This is the reason why taking intestinal antiflatulents boosts the immune system"

Reimu: "It has a good effect not only on the stomach but also on the whole body......!" 

4. Improvement of allergies

Marisa: "That's what I mean" And the intestinal preparations are expected to improve allergic diseases as well"

Reimu: "What! Even allergies? Even allergies?" 

Marisa: "That's right. Allergic diseases are diseases caused by an overreaction of the immune system. Intestinal immunity, as I explained earlier, also regulates the immune system so that immune cells do not react more than necessary"

Reimu: "I see! So that's why the intestinal regulators can improve allergic diseases"

5. Skin Care

Marisa: "That's right" As you can see, this intestinal regimen is good for various parts of the body, but it is also good for the skin"

Reimu: "Also for the skin! ? Oh, surely you may have heard that your skin is rough if your intestinal environment is disturbed......!" 

Marisa: "You know very well, Reimu. That's right, the intestinal environment has a lot to do with the condition of the skin"

Reimu: "I knew it! How exactly is it related?"

Marisa: "The nutrients we take in from our diet are absorbed in the intestines, but if there is an imbalance in the intestinal environment, the body will not be able to absorb the nutrients it needs properly"

Reimu: "Mmm-hmm""

Marisa: "Then the skin lacks the necessary nutrients, which leads to skin problems"

Reimu: "So your skin needs nutrients as well"

Marisa: "That's right, continuous accumulation of feces in the intestines, bad bacteria become dominant and the balance of the intestinal environment is disrupted. Then, harmful substances produced by the bad bacteria accumulate"

Reimu: "That's terrible! That's terrible!"

Marisa: "When that happens, the toxic substances are absorbed from the intestines and circulate throughout the body through the bloodstream, causing rough skin"

Reimu: "I see. That's why it is good for the skin to have a healthy intestinal environment"

Marisa: "Yes" The main ingredient of intestinal regulators is good bacteria. By taking good bacteria every day, you can make your skin beautiful as well"

Reimu: "I understand well! Intestinal supplements really have a lot of benefits for the body, don't they?"

6. Increase in happy hormones

Marisa: "Hmmm" Listen and be amazed, Reimu. In fact, it is not only the body that benefits from being normal"

Reimu: "What? What do you mean?"

Marisa: "Oh my God, ...... the mind also benefits!"

Reimu: "Yes! For the mind too?"

Marisa: "Yes! Reimu, do you know what serotonin is?"

Reimu: "Serotonin? I don't know what it is"

Marisa: "Serotonin is a hormone that is secreted when we are happy when we are happy" It is also known as the happy hormone" 

Reimu: "Ah! I've never heard of serotonin before, but I might have heard the name 'happy hormone' before!"

Marisa: "There may be many people like that. Serotonin is the happy hormone, and about 90% of serotonin is produced in the intestines"

Reimu: "Really? That's surprising!"

Marisa: "That's right. The amount of serotonin secreted depends on the intestinal environment" If there is a lot of good bacteria in the intestines, serotonin secretion increases, and if there is a lot of bad bacteria, serotonin secretion decreases"

Reimu: "Ah! Earlier, you said that the main ingredient of intestinal antiflatulents is good bacteria, right? I see! That's why serotonin increases! "

Marisa: "You remembered well. You are right"

Ingredients in Probiotics

Reimu: "Even I remember it correctly. Hey, by the way, Marisa:, what exactly are the ingredients in an intestinal preparation?"

Marisa: "As I mentioned earlier, most of the ingredients in intestinal tablets are good bacteria, but there are several types of good bacteria, each with different effects. There are three types of good bacteria that are mainly used in intestinal preparations"

Reimu: "Mmm-hmm""

Marisa: "The first is bifidobacteria. Bifidobacteria are the most abundant beneficial bacteria in the human intestine and are mainly found in the large intestine"

Reimu: "I have heard of bifidobacteria! "

Marisa: "Bifidobacteria work by breaking down sugar to produce lactic acid and acetic acid. Acetic acid has a strong antibacterial effect and can suppress the growth of bad bacteria and protect the intestinal mucosa" 

Reimu: "Hee!"

Marisa: "Second is butyric acid bacteria, which break down sugar and carbohydrates to produce butyric acid. Butyric acid bacteria inhibit the function of good bacteria and provide energy to promote peristalsis of the intestines"

Reimu: "Sounds amazing! But what is peristalsis?"

Marisa: "Peristalsis is the movement of intestinal contents" It is a very important function"

Reimu: "I see. I have never heard of butyric acid bacteria before, but it is an important bacterium"

Marisa: "That's right" Butyric acid bacteria are bacteria that have been attracting attention in recent years as a source of energy for the large intestine and important for the normal functioning of the large intestine"

Reimu: "I see!"

Marisa: "And the third is lactobacilli. Lactobacilli break down sugar and produce lactic acid"

Reimu: "Lactobacilli are like the most effective bacteria out of the three" What effect does lactic acid have?"

Marisa: "By producing lactic acid, it makes the intestines slightly acidic, suppresses the growth of bad bacteria, and creates an environment in which good bacteria can easily increase"

Reimu: "Wow!"

Marisa: "By the way, there are also types of lactobacilli, and the main lactobacilli used in intestinal preparations are ferricaskin, acidophilus, gasseri, and sporicidial lactobacilli"

Reimu: "These are all names I've never heard before......"

Marisa: "It also contains Bacillus natto" Bacillus natto is one of the glycolytic bacteria, which is resistant to stomach acid, germinates in the intestines, and helps the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli"

Reimu: "Wow! Bacillus natto can also be consumed outside of natto"

Marisa: "Bacillus natto helps the growth of Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus lactobacillus, so it is often taken together with Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus lactobacillus, not by itself"

Reimu: "Wow, I am learning a lot. After listening to Marisa, I have become interested in intestinal preparations" But there are various kinds of intestinal preparations, aren't there? What should I use?"

Biofermin and Biosly

Marisa: "Two typical intestinal preparations are Biofermin and Biosly"

Reimu: "Oh, I may have heard of both of them" What is the difference between them?"

Marisa: "First, let me explain about Biofermin" Biofermin is a probiotics preparation recommended for people who are concerned about the care of intestinal flora and those who are concerned about disordered eating"

Reimu: "Intestinal flora? What is ......?"

Marisa: "Intestinal flora refers to the bacteria that live in the intestines" Bacteria living in the intestines are clumped together by each type of fungus and are tightly packed on the walls of the intestines without any space between them. This state is likened to a flower garden and is called intestinal flora"

Reimu: "Oh, I see! How many bacteria are there in the intestines?"

Marisa: "About a thousand trillion"

Reimu: "A thousand trillion! That's a level of the world we can't even imagine......"

Marisa: "It is essential to maintain the proper balance of this intestinal flora in order to maintain good health"

Reimu: "Hmmm" What is the proper balance?"

Marisa: "First, there are three types of bacteria that make up the intestinal flora. There are good bacteria that have a positive effect on the body, bad bacteria that have a negative effect on the body, and opportunistic bacteria that do not belong to either of the three types"

Reimu: "Opportunistic pathogen is an interesting name, isn't it? So what is the ideal ratio of these three types?"

Marisa: "Seventy percent opportunistic bacteria, 20 percent good bacteria, and 10 percent bad bacteria. This is the ideal intestinal balance"

Reimu: "Wow, opportunistic bacteria are the most abundant"

Marisa: "Yes. It would be best if this could be maintained, but the intestinal environment can easily change due to various factors such as diet and stress"

Reimu: "I see. So that's where Biofermin comes in"

Marisa: "That's what I mean. By the way, it contains lactobacilli, butyric acid bacteria, and saccharomycetes"

Reimu: "Then what about Biosuly?"

Marisa: "Biosuly is recommended for people who want to improve constipation and soft stools immediately. It contains Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bacillus faecalis, and Bacillus acidophilus"

Reimu: "Hmmm" So Biofermin is for people who are concerned about their intestinal flora and diet, and Biosly ...... is for people who want to improve their constipation and soft stools immediately. Hey, hey, Marisa, do you have a preference for one over the other?"

Marisa: "Currently, there is no data from clinical trials showing that one of Biofermin or Biosuly is better than the other"

Reimu: "I see. Then which one sells better?"

Marisa: "For your information, Biosuly is No.1 in the best-selling ranking of major mail-order websites. But Biofermin is No.3, too, and it's ranked high, and it's ranked high. So you can't judge it by this ranking alone"

Reimu: "I see. So you're saying there's no difference in effectiveness no matter which one I choose?"

Marisa: "There will be no big difference. However, the intestinal environment differs from person to person, so there may be differences in which intestinal regimen is easier to listen to. So, if you use one and find it hard to listen to or you don't feel the effect, you should try the other one"

Reimu: "Okay! Then I'll try my best to try both! I was thinking about ......, but maybe it's not a good idea to use them together?"

Marisa: "There is no reason that they should not be used together. It hasn't been clearly determined yet, but there is a view that combining several types of bacteria can be more effective"

Reimu: "Is that so?"

Marisa: "Yes, In fact, there are reports that when saccharomycetes and lactobacilli were cultured, they multiplied more when mixed than when cultivated alone, and there are also reports that the treatment of certain diseases with multiple types of bacteria with steel materials was effective"

Reimu: "Yes!"

Marisa: "However, since it cannot be determined yet, we can say that one or the other dose is sufficient"

Other intestinal preparations

Reimu: "I see. By the way, besides Biofermin and Biosly, are there any other intestinal regulators out there?"

Marisa: "Oh, of course there are. There are three major types of intestinal preparations"

Reimu: "Mmm-hmm"

Marisa: "The first one is the type that aims to regulate the intestinal environment. It works to balance the good bacteria and bad bacteria and bring the intestines closer to a normal state"

Reimu: "It seems to work in the most orthodox way"

Marisa: "The second type helps digestion when the stomach is upset. It contains ingredients that promote digestion as well as ingredients that help the good bacteria work"

Reimu: "Oh, it's perfect for when I eat too much or carry too much" 

Marisa: "The third type helps relieve bloating at night. It contains an antifoaming agent that improves bloating by collapsing gas bubbles in the intestines"

Reimu: "This is the effect of relieving abdominal bloating that you explained to me in the section on the efficacy of intestinal regulators!

Marisa: "That's right. I want you to think about what effect you want to get the most and use that as an indicator when choosing a probiotics"

How to choose a probiotics

Reimu: "I see......But how can you tell which type of intestinal preparation is right for you by looking at it? I'm not too sure......"

Marisa: "That's true. Then let me explain a little more about what to look for when choosing a probiotics"

Reimu: "That would be great!"

Marisa: "First of all, people who feel their stomachs are tense. For such people, I recommend a type that contains lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, antifoaming agents, stomachicides, etc" 

Reimu: "Mmm-hmm"

Marisa: "For those who are concerned about the smell of fart, I recommend the type that contains lactobacillus acidophilus, bacillus natto, etc"

Reimu: "Does a bad gastrointestinal condition also make farts smell bad?"

Marisa: "Yes. When bad bacteria increase in the intestines, they cause proteins to putrefy. When that happens, your farts will smell bad. If you start to notice the smell, it may be a sign that your intestines are getting worse"

Reimu: "I see......"

Marisa: "For people with a weak stomach and indigestion, the type that contains a stomachic medicine is good"

Reimu: "Mmm-hmm. So there are various types of intestinal preparations"

Marisa: "Yes. That is why I explained the tips on how to choose the best one, but the best thing is to ask for an expert's opinion"

Reimu: "So you are saying it is best to ask at the hospital?"

Marisa: "Yes, I would say that it is best to go to a hospital, tell them your symptoms, and ask them to prescribe the best medicine for you"

Reimu: "Hmmm. If I don't have time to go to the hospital, I will refer to what you taught me today"

Is it safe for regular use?

Reimu: "Hey Marisa: can I ask you one more question?"

Marisa: "Sure. What is it?"

Reimu: "Is it still better not to take intestinal regulators except when my bowels are in bad shape? Or can I continue taking them even when I feel better?"

Marisa: "It is safe to take rectal supplements on an ongoing basis. Or rather, it is advisable to take it continuously"

Reimu: "Is that so?"

Marisa: "Yes" In fact, rectal supplements have no immediate effect. So you should take it every day without fail as much as possible. You should continue for at least four weeks"

Reimu: "I see, that is somewhat surprising. I have an image that it is not good to keep taking medicines all the time"

Marisa: "That may be true if it is a medicine with side effects, but rectal supplements do not have side effects. So it is safe to continue taking them"

Reimu: "What, there are no side effects?"

Marisa: "Yes it does. There is a very rare case of lactobacilli causing a disease called bacteremia, but it is really rare, and considering that food also contains lactobacilli, I can say that there is no need to worry about it"

Reimu: "Is that so?"

Marisa: "Yes. According to a study conducted over a period of four years on approximately 2.5 million people living in southern Finland, only eight cases of lactobacillus bacteremia were reported in four years"

Reimu: "Certainly, if the probability is that high, it is likely to be found in any medicine, so I guess we don't have to worry too much about it"

Marisa: "Yes, it is. As long as the dosage and administration of each medicine is followed, I think we can say that the possibility of health problems is very small"

Reimu: "Mmm-hmm""

Marisa: "Yes, there are other advantages to taking the intestines continuously. If you take intestinal regulators continuously, the intestinal environment gradually improves, and diarrhea and constipation are less likely to occur, or chronic diarrhea and constipation are improved"

Reimu: "That sounds great! I'll try the intestinal regimen ASAP! ...... But I'm worried about forgetting to take it. I sometimes accidentally forget to take it ......"

Marisa: "If you forget to take it, you can take the probiotics at once, even if you forgot to take it"

Reimu: "Oh really? I feel relieved" 

Marisa: "By the way, the intestinal medicine is not a medicine that needs to be taken at a certain time every day. So even a forgetful person like Reimu can take it safely"

Reimu: "Well, I'll try not to forget as much as possible. Then I will take it right away!”

Marisa: "I hope it will work soon. That's all for this time"

Reimu: "I had an image that rectal supplements are a little scary, but I'm relieved to hear that it's not like that at all”

Marisa: "Yes. The intestinal regulators do not have any side effects and are a drug with many potential benefits. People who are managing intestinal problems as well as those who want to prevent them should try taking them”

Reimu: "I understand!"

Marisa: "Maintaining good intestinal health also means maintaining good overall physical health”

Reimu: "Well then, see you again! See you soon!”

*Since it is translated by the author of the article, it may differ from what is said in the video"

[Free Shipping] New Biofermin S (540 tabletsx 3), Taisho Pharmaceutical From Japan $161.52

[Free Shipping] New Biofermin S (540 tabletsx 3), Taisho Pharmaceutical From Japan $161.52

■ Features ■

*Lactobacilli that live and work
Three types of lactic acid bacteria (Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bacillus faecalis, and Bacillus acidophilus) reach the intestines alive and increase, helping to regulate the intestines.

*Easy-to-swallow tablets
White to slightly light yellowish color tablets with a slight sweet taste, easy to swallow for everyone from children to the elderly.

■ Precautions for use ■

1. The following persons should consult a physician or pharmacist before use.
People under medical treatment. 
2. In the following cases, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician, dentist or pharmacist with this instruction manual.
If symptoms do not improve after taking the drug for about one month

■ Indications ■

Intestinal regulation (regulating bowel movements), soft stool, constipation, abdominal distention
For those with a weak stomach
When the stomach is distended
Intestinal regulation for the elderly
When a change in environment, such as traveling, causes an upset stomach

■ Dosage and administration ■

The following dosage should be taken after meals.
Age Dosage per dose Number of times used per day
15 years and older 3 tablets 3 times
5-14 years old 2 tablets 3 times
Under 5 years of age Do not use

<Precautions related to Dosage and Administration
(1) Children should be administered the drug under the guidance and supervision of a parent or guardian.
(2) Dosage and administration must be strictly observed.
(3) Infants under 5 years of age should not take this product, as it may catch in the throat.
When taken after meals, the lactobacilli in this product reach the intestines alive without being affected by stomach acid and show excellent intestinal regulating effects.

Ingredients and Dosage: 

9 tablets (daily dose for those 15 years and older)
Ingredients What it does
Bifidobacterium bifidum powder 18mg This bacterium mainly resides in the large intestine and produces lactic acid and acetic acid to enhance the effect of intestinal regulation.
Bacillus faecalis powder 18mg This bacillus is mainly found in the small intestine and quickly increases and regulates the intestinal microflora.
Bacillus acidophilus concolor 18mg This product is mainly found in the small intestine, produces a lot of lactic acid, and suppresses harmful bacteria.

Contains corn starch, dextrin, lactose hydrate, calcium carbonate precipitate, candy powder, white sugar, talc, and magnesium stearate as additives.

 <Mini Information, What is the intestinal microflora> 

The intestinal microflora is a group of 100 trillion bacteria of 100 species that live in the intestines. When we are healthy, the balance is maintained with the predominance of lactobacilli and other good bacteria, but due to physical disorders, changes in diet and environment, stress, aging, etc., bad bacteria increase and the intestinal flora becomes disorganized. In such cases, it is important to maintain a normal state by supplying lactobacilli.

Precautions for storage and handling

Bottled and packaged products
(1) Keep out of reach of children.
(2) Do not take the product after the expiration date.

Bottled products
(1) Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
(2) Discard the fillings in the bottle after opening the lid.
(Reinserting the stuffing into the bottle will cause moisture to enter the bottle and change the quality.
(The stuffing is intended to prevent tablets from being damaged during transportation.)
(3) Tightly close the lid of the bottle each time a dose is taken, as other odors may be transferred or moisture may be absorbed, changing the quality of the product.
(4) Do not change the bottle into other containers. (This may cause misuse or change the quality of the product.)
(5) Write the date the bottle was opened in the "Date Opened" column on the box and bottle.
(6) Once opened, the product should be taken as soon as possible within 6 months from the date of opening to maintain quality.

About the packaged product
(1) Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
(2) The remaining tablets after dividing a packet should be taken within 2 days.


Due to the pandemic, delivery of "Expedited or Standard Shippings" prioritized, so this is recommended.There is no additional shipping cost for each additional item, so it's a good idea to buy more than one item.
This package will be shipped from JAPAN Post, ECMS,DHL etc. - Tracking number will be  provided.
*It is expected to take several months by sea if countries have stopped accepting flights due to the pandemic.

Please ensure that the telephone number is correct as well as the address, as an incomplete telephone number may result in an error at the post office.

Thank you for seeing to KUSURI Japan!!

Feel free to contact us at any time for more information about our products or about our stock numbers.

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