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For coming down with a cold, herbal medicine made in Japan

"Herb for cold" which is often used as a traditional Japanese supplement for colds familiar from long ago. Basically it is a supplement that is suitable for people with physical fitness, effective for headaches such as early cold, fever, stiffness behind the neck, cold but sweat does not come out. "Herb for cold" lowers fever by promoting sweating, trying to cure the cold. Even in recent Western supplement basic research, anti - inflammatory effects etc are confirmed. Basically it is a supplement to be used in the acute phase, and it is said that 1 to 2 days after the onset is a guide to use.

"Herb for cold" is widely used not only in colds but also in the early stages of acute diseases such as rhinitis, headache, inflammation and fever.

"Herb for cold" is used when there is no fever, when the nape or back is tense. It is a supplement often prescribed for chronic headache, especially tension type headache and stiff shoulder treatment. "Herb for cold" softens these symptoms by warming the body.

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