Herbal medicine resolves fatigue caused by a weak stomach

Causes of fatigue and dizziness and Hochuekkito [Weak stomach]

In this issue, we will introduce Hochuekkito as a  herbal medicine to relieve fatigue, loss of appetite, and dizziness on standing.

How Ho-Chu-Yi-Ki-To Works for Relieving Fatigue

Hochuekkito relieves fatigue and dizziness due to a weakened abdomen and relaxed internal organs by enhancing the function of the abdomen and improving the circulation of blood and water.

First of all, let us consider why a weak abdomen causes the internal organs to relax, leading to fatigue and dizziness.

In a healthy state when the body is not feeling tired, there should be enough Qi in quantity and that Qi should be delivered smoothly throughout the body.

However, if the stomach is weakened, Qi, which is the source of energy for the body's activities, will be insufficient, and the function of transporting Qi will also be affected, so Qi will not be delivered to where it is needed and will become insufficient, making it easier to feel tired.

To make that Qi, food and oxygen are needed. When food enters the body through the mouth, it is digested by the stomach and transported to the site where nutrients are absorbed.

After the body absorbs the necessary nutrients, the nutrients are fused with the body's own materials to form the raw materials for Qi.

Therefore, at this stage, Qi is not yet converted into energy, and the body uses the remaining Qi for digestion, absorption, synthesis, and transportation.

The raw materials of Qi are then delivered to the delivery industry, which distributes Qi blood to all parts of the body by the action of the stomach, and through a joint effort, they are transported up to the lungs, which are located in the upper part of the body, to be combined with oxygen.

The raw materials of Qi delivered to the lungs are then combined with the oxygen taken in by the respiratory movement of the lungs to finally become Qi, the body's energy, to enable the body to be active.

In other words, for food to become Qi, there is the work of the stomach, which converts food into raw materials for Qi, and the work of the lungs, which carries the materials up to the upper part of the body. The lungs must work to combine oxygen with the raw materials of Qi through respiration.

If the function of the stomach is weakened, the person will not feel hunger in the first place and will not want food, and even if they force themselves to eat, the digestion and absorption of food will become sluggish, so nutrients will not be absorbed and will be expelled through diarrhea, resulting in nutritional deficiency.

However, even if it manages to be absorbed, if it cannot be synthesized into raw materials for Qi due to a weak stomach, it will in turn be stored in the body as an unwanted substance, thereby interfering with other functions of the body.

In addition, the function of carrying it up to the lungs also involves the function of the stomach, albeit jointly, so that the raw material of Qi is not lifted up and remains down, still filling the lower part of the body, which causes various bad effects.

Thus, if the stomach is weakened, Qi is not produced, which makes us tired and also makes us tired when Qi cannot travel throughout the body without interruption, which is also related to the fact that it is caused by carriers.

The function of transporting Qi is related to the proper tension of the smooth muscles.

Moderate tension in the smooth muscles of the vascular vessels allows Qi materials to be carried up in the bloodstream, and the smooth muscle tension keeps the internal organs in their proper position.

However, if the smooth muscles become loose, the necessary materials are not transported to the upper part of the body, which causes a lack of energy in the brain, resulting in dizziness and dizziness.

In addition, if Qi does not reach the lungs, the lungs themselves become weakened, and breathing becomes weak and shortness of breath occurs, and oxygen cannot be taken in properly. This leads to a feeling of fatigue.

Now let us consider how Hochuekkito works to resolve these issues.

Hochuekkito supports the function of the stomach to carry Qi upward and up through the action of 10 herbal medicines, releasing what is stuck in the stomach.

First of all, the oogi delivers the Qi that has been depressed and stagnant in the lower part of the body to the upper part of the body, expanding it in an enlivening manner. This spreads the stagnant Qi like a fan, and because the Qi reaches the lungs, breathing and skin conditions are also improved.

However, if Qi is not sufficient in quantity just by spreading it out, less is too little and fatigue becomes worse, so Qi is replenished morbidly by replenishing Qi materials while improving the function of the stomach with carrots,  juniper,  ginseng, and thyosotis.

Chimpi reduces the burden on the stomach by circulating the inner Qi downward so that the replenished material does not stagnate.

 Shoukyou enhances the function of the abdomen by stimulating digestion, etc., and also supports the elimination of stagnant water from the surface layer by dissipating it due to weakened stomach function. Touki helps to circulate blood while replenishing deficient blood, thus supporting the delivery of Qi from the blood circulation.

Then, psycho and shoma assist the work of ogi, releasing the Qi that has been stagnant and stuck below, while allowing it to climb upward and reach the surface.

Let me repeat the explanation again. The Qi is lifted upward, releasing the Qi that has been stuck in the lower part of the abdomen by the  ginseng, saikho, and shouma.

The Qi is then replenished in quantity by ginseng,  ginseng,  juniper,  ginseng, and  ginger, and Qi is brought downwards by chimpi to prevent Qi from stagnating in the abdomen.

These actions restore the function of the abdomen, which replenishes the raw materials of Qi and allows it to be delivered to the upper part of the body, thereby relieving various symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, appetite, sluggishness, diarrhea, and constipation.

Now, let me summarize. In this issue, I introduced Hochuekkito as a  herbal medicine to relieve tiredness, loss of appetite, and dizziness on standing.

If the function of the stomach is weakened, appetite is lost and Qi does not expand, resulting in fatigue and dizziness on standing. Hochuekkito improves the function of the abdomen and raises and releases Qi that has been suppressed and stagnant, thus improving the constitution that causes daily fatigue and lightheadedness.

It also helps to supplement Qi and deliver it to the brain, which is very helpful for those who are tired and lightheaded due to Qi not reaching the brain, or for those who are always tired and foggy.

It also delivers the medicine to the lungs, which supports the body's ability to drive away obstacles that invade from the outside and should help to strengthen the immune system, making it less susceptible to colds and other illnesses.

If you have a weak stomach and are prone to catching colds easily, I think it would be a good idea to adjust your physical condition with Hochuekkito.

Thank you again for watching until the end of this issue.

*Since it is translated by the author of the article, it may differ from what is said in the video.

[Free Shipping] Kracie Hochuekkito For Weakness, Fatigue (48 Tablets) x3 From Japan $88.92


For fatigue and anorexia in people who get tired easily.
It is used to treat fatigue and anorexia in people who are easily tired.
It is effective for fatigue and loss of appetite in people who are lacking in energy and whose gastrointestinal tract is weak and tired easily.

Indications: The following symptoms of weakness, fatigue, weakness after illness or surgery, loss of appetite, lethargy, and common cold.

The following dosage should be taken three times a day before or between meals with water or white water.
[Adult (15 years and older): 4.5 mg.
Adults (15 years and older): 4 tablets: 3 times
Under 15 years old and over 7 years old: 3 tablets: 3 times
Under 7 years old and over 5 years old: 2 tablets: 3 times
Under 5 years old: Do not take.
Dose-related precautions
Precautions related to dosage and administration
When administered to children, it should be taken under the guidance and supervision of a parent or guardian.

Precautions related to ingredients

The color of the tablets may vary slightly due to the use of natural extracts.

Ingredient and amount in 12 tablets Ingredient Amount Breakdown
(Extracted from 2.0g each of carrot, Chinese juniper, and Chinese barberry, 1.5g of Chinese toadstool, 1.0g each of Chinese dayflower, Chinese psyllid, and Chinese chinquapin, 0.75g of Chinese ginseng, 0.25g of Chinese ginger, and 0.5g of Chinese sallow)
Aluminum silicate, CMC-Ca, magnesium stearate


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