Dr. Miso soup company reveals four secrets of good taste

Miso soup factory tour How miso soup is made

Hello everyone, I am Dr Amano from Amano Foods.

Amano Foods miso soup often tastes as good as if it were freshly made. It is said that it tastes as if it were freshly made. You might think it's just miso soup, but it's actually four secrets to its deliciousness.

The manufacturer introduces the secrets of Japanese miso's goodness. Click to jump to the miso product sales page.

But there are actually four secrets to its deliciousness.

Do you want to know?

Well, let me tell you a little bit about them.

First of all, the secret of deliciousness No. 1
The freeze-drying process is used to ensure that the freshly prepared taste is not lost.

Freeze-drying is a technology that dries food while it is frozen, i.e. freeze-dried. 

Freeze-drying is a technology that dries food while it is frozen, i.e. the water in the food before freezing becomes ice when frozen. 

The water in the food before freezing becomes ice when it is frozen. 

When this is dried in a vacuum, the water content is removed and the product becomes sponge-like. The food is then dried in a vacuum, whereby the water is removed and the food becomes spongy.

The secrets of Japanese miso's goodness, according to its makers. Freeze-dried to make the ingredients spongy. Click to jump to the Miso products sales page.

In other words, the food can be dried without excessive heat.

This means that the colour, aroma, flavour and nutritional value of the food is less affected than when it is freshly prepared. 

The colour, aroma, flavour and nutritional value of the food is not lost compared to the freshly prepared state.

And the secret of deliciousness No. 2
Before freeze-drying, we make delicious food first.

Amano Foods' miso soup is made from carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality by choosing their place of origin. 

The miso and soup stock are blended to suit these ingredients, and the process starts with making a delicious miso soup just like you would cook at home.

Secret of deliciousness No. 3
Fine-tuning to suit freezing and drying dishes. 

The finished miso soup is immediately frozen to lock in its deliciousness.

First, it is frozen at about -30°C for at least eight hours.

Finally, it is freeze-dried.

The soup is dried in a vacuum for at least 24 hours.

Secret of deliciousness No. 4
A lot of time and effort is spent before the product is ready. 

Once the product is finished, it is inspected by machine and by humans to ensure safety and security.

The final product is wrapped in film to preserve the taste. This enhances shelf life. 

How long do you think it takes from purchasing the ingredients to the finished product?

It usually takes more than a week. 

The manufacturer introduces the secrets of Japanese miso's goodness. Quality inspections by humans to ensure safer and tastier products. Click to jump to the Miso products sales page.

Oops, I've given away all four secrets. Freeze-dried foods such as rice porridge, curry, stews, risotto and prepared foods are now available in various varieties, and freeze-dried foods that can be stored at room temperature and are light and easy to carry are being used by customers in a wide range of situations as lifestyles and eating styles change.

Amano Foods will continue to propose healthy eating habits that bring smiles to people's faces by bringing deliciousness, fun and surprise to the dinner table every day.

[Free Shipping] Amano Foods Itsumono_omisoshiru Miso Soup with Tofu freeze-dry 8.5g x 20 pcs.Japan

Easy, convenient and tasty miso soup - just add hot water [with 5g freeze-dried spring onions].
Made with a combination of sweet miso and bonito and kelp dashi.
The miso and dashi of gentle taste enhances the simple taste of the tofu.
Includes 5g freeze-dried spring onions. Use in miso soup, udon noodles, soba noodles, ramen noodles, etc.

How to serve.
Put the contents into a bowl, pour approximately 160ml of boiling water and stir gently.

Name of product.
Instant miso soup (dried type).
Amano Foods Itsumono_omisoshiru Miso Soup with Tofu 
Contents: 10g x 20 pcs.


Tofu, rice miso, soybean paste, mixed miso, spring onion, flavour seasoning (bonito), wakame seaweed, dextrin.
Salt, bonito flakes powder, kelp powder, seasoning (amino acid, etc.)
Antioxidant (vitamin E), acidifier, (Some ingredients include mackerel and seafood)

Nutrition Facts:
Per serving (10g)
Energy 36 kcal
Protein 2.5 g
Fat 1.0 g
Carbohydrates 4.3 g
Salt equivalent 1.7 g

Allergenic substances:
Wheat, mackerel, soya, gelatine, seafood.

Store at room temperature away from high temperatures and humidity.

The factory where this product is manufactured produces products containing shrimps, crabs, eggs and dairy ingredients.

Country of origin:

Amano Foods

Sold by.
Asahi Group Foods (Amano Foods)

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