[cheap yen] A famous female manga artist draws a commercial for herbal medicine

Absorbed in Tomorrow, Kracie♪
Ate little too much again.
Besides, accumulating due to constipation.
Then Cocoapo EX!
Improves constipation and removes excess fat.
Cocoapo EX for fat storage.

Herbal medicine made in Japan for obesity

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If you're listing a food or healthcare item, make sure it meets all of the following conditions:
☑ The item has a clearly marked expiration date.
☑ It will be delivered to the buyer before it expires.
☑ It hasn't been changed in any way from its original condition, including packaging.
☑ It is stored safely until you ship it.
☑ We have these requirements to protect buyers from potentially harmful items. By listing your item, you agree that it meets all of these requirements.
☑ Coupons for these items aren't affected by this policy.

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