[cheap yen] A doctor introduces a treatise on "Herbal medicine for obesity"


"Herbal medicine for obesity"

If you are interested in dieting, you may have heard of it once. 

When you go to a pharmacy, you can find various "Herbal medicine for obesity" products.

This time, I will explain about such various "Herbal medicine for obesity" based on the paper published by the research group of Tokai University, what kind of medicine it is, what kind of effect it has, and what kind of person it is suitable for.

Are the side effects okay?

I will also talk about what kind of recommended "Herbal medicine for obesity" is.

By the way, "Herbal medicine for obesity" is a kind of Herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine is a medicine that was developed to cure illness by blending various herbs, and was introduced to Japan during the Muromachi period, and has undergone a unique evolution.

Just as the medicine that was introduced from the Netherlands during the Edo period was called Ranpou, the Kampo that had existed in Japan until then came to be called "Kampou".

"Herbal medicine for obesity" is a medicine introduced in classic books of the 12th-13th centuries.

It is often used by people who are obese as a result of continuing to eat a high-calorie oil- and sugar-rich diet.

Attempt to eliminate obese abdomen with Japanese herbal medicine

"Herbal medicine for obesity" contains 18 kinds of herbal medicines, an herb that improves the function of the viscera that have been weakened by overeating, and an herb that allows the excess that has accumulated in the body to be taken out of the body. An herb that cools the heat inside the body. A well-balanced combination of herbs that increase metabolism.

What kind of person is it suitable for?

It is used favorably by people with demonstrative type so-called drum belly.

The indications are "jissyou", "nessyou", and "shissyou".

"jissyou" is for people who have good physical strength, who have a solid body, who have strong muscle strength, and who have a good complexion.

"nessyou" is that makes your body hot, hot flashes, hot flashes, and excitement.

It is not suitable for people who are ill, have diarrhea easily, have gastrointestinal illness, or sweat a lot.
A "shissyou" is a condition in which the flow of water in the body is impaired or swollen.

Therefore, it is not suitable for people who are ill, have diarrhea easily, have gastrointestinal illness, or sweat a lot.

Are side effects okay?

Since Traditional herbal medicine is a natural herbal medicine, many people think that it has no side effects unlike Western medicine, but unfortunately Traditional herbal medicine also has side effects, so minimum caution is required.

For example, the corchorus capsularis in "Herbal medicine for obesity" contains ephedrine, a sympathomimetic drug that strains the heart and blood vessels.

Therefore, people with cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke should be used with caution.

Also, please note that it includes "bow show" if you are restricting salt.

In addition, people with kidney disease, dysuria, and hyperthyroidism should also be careful when taking this medicine.

If you have a chronic illness, you should consult your doctor before deciding whether or not to take it.

After that, even people who do not have a chronic disease may have liver damage due to long-term use of Traditional herbal medicine, so if you have a chance to check a blood test or feel unwell, take an opportunity such as a medical examination.  It is better to consult with the internal medicine immediately.

There are reports of side effects such as muffled, itchy, sleepless, sweaty, throbbing, loss of appetite, discomfort, and diarrhea.

Also, if you experience symptoms such as coughing, fever, stiffness in your limbs, numbness, dullness, or yellowing of your eyes or body, you should immediately consult your doctor or pharmacist.

How is the effect?

Regarding "Herbal medicine for obesity", there is a paper reported by Tokai University in a European medical journal in 2003.

An experiment was conducted in which "Herbal medicine for obesity" was administered to obese mice by destroying the appetite center called the hypothalamus of the brain. 

An experiment was conducted in which "Herbal medicine for obesity" was administered to obese mice by destroying the appetite center called the hypothalamus of the brain.
It has been shown that the synergistic effect of the ingredients and herbal medicines such as licorice increases the body's heat production, promotes obesity, and loses weight.

Participants did not know which group they were assigned to, and the fat loss effect was not explained until the end of the experiment.

And in both groups, everyone was instructed in diet and exercise therapy.

As a result, of the 81 participants, 41 took "Herbal medicine for obesity", 40 took placebo, and 24 weeks after the start of the experiment, the weight of the placebo group. Decreased by an average of 6.9 kilograms, while in the "Herbal medicine for obesity" use group, it decreased by an average of 10.8 kilograms.

Body fat decreased by 6.3 kilograms in the placebo group, compared with 9.4 kilograms in the "Herbal medicine for obesity" group.

The group who drank "Herbal medicine for obesity" with a significant difference was able to lose weight and fat.

Moreover, in the group that used "Herbal medicine for obesity", visceral fat was particularly reduced among the fats.

Visceral fat is more likely to cause various lifestyle-related diseases than subcutaneous fat, so it is a wonderful result that it was reduced.

Furthermore, in the group using "Herbal medicine for obesity", insulin resistance, which causes diabetes, and insulin, which is a hormone that lowers blood sugar, have been improved.

It seems to be useful for the prevention of diabetes.

Effect of "Herbal medicine for obesity"

In summary, "Herbal medicine for obesity" is for people who are obese and have a lot of visceral fat in the drum belly, and who have strong physical strength and are constipated. 

By warming your body warmly, you can dispose of excess calories as heat, which helps you to lose weight and reduce visceral fat.

On the other hand, if you are a lean and cold person who does not fall into this category, it may not fit your body.

Also, who seems to have diarrhea and some people can't continue.

If you are a female and have a fat body with thick edema and poor circulation, another Herbal medicine is more suitable for you than "Herbal medicine for obesity".

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"Herbal medicine for obesity" is a traditional herbal medicine that has been studied for a long time in modern medicine, and it has been confirmed that it has a positive effect on the weight loss of visceral fat.

I think it's wonderful.

There are some points to note, but I think that it will be a reassuring ally for maintaining good health for those who have symptoms.

*Since it is translated by the author of the article, it may differ from what is said in the video.

Herbal medicine made in Japan for obesity

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